Hello fellow traveller,

Ecolodge based programs apply a holistic approach to tourism. I'd like to explain what and why we are doing this, how we want to engage you, not sell you and in the process make healthier people and heal our planet.

Like many people, I love to travel and I really enjoy being in nature. I think nature should be accessible to everyone, in fact it's my belief that with our current crazy lifestyles, we need to experience it more than ever. I also passionately believe that having a great nature experience is an essential key to preserving the natural world in a state worth preserving. That is really what ecotourism is all about. It has to be for everyone: you the visitor, your hosts and the natural environment that we all depend on and care about.

I founded this company to help people connect with nature and now I am proud to say that it has taken root and others are now ready to take the business to a new level.

For any of your inquiries about tours, or ecolodge packages, contact Ruth Macae using the link below.
Our Vision: Healthy Planet, Healthy People
Free, no obligation tour quotes. Call toll free during office hours Mountain time at 888 778 2378. Or send an email to info@worldwideecotours.com

Small parties traveling together can obtain significant discounts. Please ask about this.
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Here's me (George) on the Amazon river. Looking forward to new ventures and adventures in the Okanagan.
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About Ruth Macrae
Ruth is well known in the Calgary area, a meticulous custom tour planner and great storehouse of destination knowledge about Africa, Latin America, South Asia and Europe. She is also a volunteer at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and a skilled birder with a spotting scope set up right in her living room. Ruth also loves CKUA Radio and attends as many folk, blues and roots festivals as she can squeeze in to a summer.

But, most of all, Ruth really loves planning tours for people to interesting places and she welcomes any inquiries. She will be a great resource to you and can offer a full range of travel services.
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