We live in a world that measures value in money. So how much money is nature actually worth?

Ecotourism is a business concept that attempts to place a value on nature by providing services to tourists who appreciate nature. But ecotourism also has a conservation ethic. The three pillars that define ecotourism are: direct protection of a natural area by the ecotourism enterprise, education of the tourists about the value of ecotourism, and economic benefits of ecotourism activities must accrue to the local inhabitants. There are many successes, failures and works in progress and we still need to learn more as the projects evolve. But ecotourism is a direct way for people who want to preserve and protect nature to make a positive choice in their vacations and travels.

For example, beautiful birds are wonderful to see and appreciate, even for people who have never tried birdwatching. Through various Eco-Zone Explorer Programs in Costa Rica, Belize, Peru, Brazil, Guyana, and Ecuador you can help protect natural habitats while visiting with trained local guides. Contact tours at info@worldwideecotours.com or call toll free 888 778 2378
We are so glad you convinced us to go to Iguassu Falls after our cruise. The tour was fantastic and it was really beyond our expectations. The services were excellent. Mr and Mrs Schmidt
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