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Featuring cloudforest visit,  high Andes paramo eco-zone, Incan culture, Amazon ecolodge, Huaorani indigenous experience, Galapagos 3 island stay and Avenue of the Volcanoes. You will make a connection with local people, contribute directly to conserving precious and threatened environments, help foster respect for native and traditional peoples and cultures, and support local projects that provide […]

This expedition voyage explores some of the most untouched rainforest in all of the Amazon. It is an 8 day trip where we travel by riverboat far up the Rio Negro to an area very rarely visited, exploring the mysterious life of the wilderness that stirs in the forest and in the heart of wild […]

This Huaorani program below is the one we experienced with the local people. It is very well organised and entirely authentic meaning that when you drop onto a grass airstrip in the middle of the rainforest, deep in Huaorani territory, anything can happen. It is the skill of the Huaorani that makes it work at […]

We have recently just come back from an extraordinary tour to the Amazon region of Ecuador. We were the guests of the Huaorani people and stayed at a new ecolodge they own. There is really too much to absorb to write a complete description the of this experience at this moment but this was one of the best travel experiences that we have ever encountered.